20 Fashion Inspiration of Sooyoung SNSD!

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Is any of you know Sooyoung? When I saw her on the screen at first time in 2007, her face looks like an Indonesian ๐Ÿ˜† Now she much more pretty like Korean artist and I saw her not just in the singing stage, but also on the screen as actress of some K-drama’s. One thing I admire about her is the way she wear clothes that suit her to look good in all circumstance’s. Prob that’s why she is considered as the most fashionable in SNSD member.


Sooyoung (์ตœ์ˆ˜์˜) is one of member of girl group Girls' Generation since 2007 until 2017 and has a great interest in fashion. I saw all the outfits that she wore mostly in boho-chic but amazingly looks so gorgeous. Yea, I knew I cannot following her style because mine is more feminine and cheerful (LOL!) but I still saved most of her pictures just in case I need to recreate her style ๐Ÿ˜

Anyway, I remember in the Happy Together variety show in last August, she said she was not sleeping because she had to think about what she was going to wear to the airport in the next morning. Sooyoung chose her clothes until three o'clock and after that she decided to go to the first choice. I think it's funny ‘cause what she did really similar to me who really think about how to look perfect next morning.

Nowadays, after celebrated her 10th debut in SNSD, Sooyoung officially decided to not renew her contracts with SM Entertainment and left the group because she want to focus more on acting. Based on the news, in November 10th KST Sooyoung has signed a contract with Echo Global Group agency. I have amazing and meaningful memories with SNSD. As one of the LEGENDARY girl group in the K-pop industry, I think SM wouldn’t disband the group (YEA WE HOPE!).


Therefore, talking about Sooyoung styles, some of her outfits with monochrome styles can be an everyday inspiration for us despite using a different brand. You can find the same clothing model as Sooyoung by looking at Zalora; one of the largest company headquarters based in Singapore and has several branches across Southeast Asia. It offers collections of top international and local brands and you guys can find out any products from fashion, shoes and accessories for both men and women. Moreover, towards the end of the year many attractive discount offers at Zalora. In December you can spend as much on the moment of HARBOLNAS 2017 in Indonesia!

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So, which outfits of Choi Sooyoung that you like the most? Here 20 monochrome-chic look outfits of her. Steal her style!

Ps. source of the pict was taken from : 
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  1. wah ini sih cocoknya buat anak abg ya

  2. badannya emang sudah kayak model jadi bagus pakai baju apa aja

  3. Dia tinggi dan cantik, cocok pakai baju apa aja hehehe.. btw soo young beneran out dari sone?


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