What is your real name?

A real name is doesn't matter. Just read my blog and please always be my readers!

How many anthology books do you have?

Many. And still counting, biidznillah.

You keep saying or put several initial on your post. Who are they? Please explain.

Bundo : Mom,
Papa : Dad,
Nona : My older sister (I call her Uni but I won't make a distract between Uni my sister and Uni as me. So I write her as Nona),
Uda : My older brother,
Young Lady : a loyal readers,
What else?

What camera do you use?

Since 2015, I'm currently using Xiaomi Redmi2.

Where do you live?

I live in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Sometimes I travel around to others city and stay there for a while.

Which city?

Bandung, Semarang, around Jakarta, Lampung, Malang, Banten, Sukabumi, Kediri, etc.

What’s your major?

I’m taking English Department at Pakuan University in Bogor, majoring in Linguistics.

Height and weight?

155cm / 43kg (in 2016) .

What's Your Job?

Nowadays, a part time blogger. Content writer. Owner Olshop.

What skills do you have?

I can sewing, guiding, and organize an event. Don't ask me to cooking! >.<

Do you speak english?

My English language isn't fluent nor speaking it for daily basis. I know it's embarrassed while I took English Department but my english was sucks. Since 2013, I have nobody to talk to, so I guess my skill is decreasing, unfortunately. Now, I feel better to writing and speaking in Bahasa Indonesia.

What other languages do you speak?

I speak Indonesian and English, (sometimes understand Javanese and Minang in traditional language). As for Arabic's language, it's only for basic conversation, but it's been years since the last time I used it. Ehehehe.

Who’s your role fashion model?

I don’t really follow models, did not read a fashion magazine too. Neither fashion blogger. I just wore what I want to wear.

How many social networks do you have?

I have one facebook page, one Fanpage, two twitter, two instagram, one ask.fm, one about.me, one linkedIn, two G+, one path, one periscope, one snapchat, and one youtube account. Search them with @unidzalika. If you find someone using my photos, name, or whatever outside those account, that means they are fake and please let me know.

How to make an affiliate with you, ask you to review products, get you to attend an event, or contact your for business purpose?

Please click Term & Conditions and I will respond you back as soon as possible.


  1. wew salam kenal mbak Uni Dzalika
    Bisa nih belajar bahasa inggris sama jagonya :D


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