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Hi, Assalamualaikum!

Welcome to the website 💕 Hope you can enjoy read all about blog posts here. And please, love Dza so much! She is Forever Young Lady and her outfits mostly made by herself!

Since December 2015, mostly readers count Uni Dzalika as Specialist Female Blogger because she talks about female area a lot. Even though this blog is not a professional consultant blog since she also write random stuffs. Dza always trying her best to review products, opinions, sharing, and also talk about her everything that correlate with her daily experiences as the best as she can on this site.

She write mostly about fashion an beauty from her perception. Dza always struggle with post ideas that are interesting to both read and write. Therefore, on this web you will find about her beauty tips, fashion, culinary, her personal though, daily products, daily life, relation-tips, and so on. Wish she can being a fashion blogger but mostly you (the reader) says that she's better when write about fiction and poems :')

Yeah whatever you judge her, she just fallin' love in writing and will write everything that she likes! :) WELCOME to this web and as a young lady here, Uni Dzalika would be your true female friends.



Testimonials About Uni Dzalika :

Blogwalking ke blog Uni lebih asyik karena ada segala hal tentang make up. Karena make up nggak pernah mati (buat cewek, sih). Dan paling suka sih review make up, walau ikut kecewa juga kenapa nggak ada fiksinya lagi. 

- @kopilovie (blogger, content writer, pengangguran akhir pekan)


Tulisan Uni masih tetap bagus, tapi saya gak suka idealisme yang fiksi banget itu dihilangkan. Saya kecewa. Saya sedih. Saya males tiap blogwalking isinya fashion atau make up. Saya kan cowok! Ngerti juga kagak pas bacanya.

- @ketikyoga (playboy yang gagal dan beralih profesi menjadi blogger)



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  1. Baru jalan-jalan ke sini. Salam kenal mbak Uni ^^

    1. Salam kenal juga! Terima kasih sudah mampir, semoga betah :)

  2. lebelnya banyak juga sendirian tuh ngisi artikelnya ...mantafff www.teoope.com


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