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“Make-up artists spend years perfecting a natural looking healthy nude base. It’s without doubt the most difficult look for women to get right, balancing enough coverage that gives you the security of fabulous flawless skin with the desire for natural glow and highlights to shine through. Max Factor Miracle Match is a fantastic foundation; it gives flawless looking beautiful skin. And that’s the beginning of any glamour transformation – good skin!” Pat McGrath, GlobalbCreative Director - Max Factor Cosmetics

THE ULTIMATE NUDE : Fusing precision shade matching with medium coverage and a healthy looking translucent skin finish.


Launching in March 2016, Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation is the revolutionary new product that cleverly combines flawless looking shade matching that blurs imperfections and nourishes skin with hydration.

Feeling like a moisturizer on application, Miracle Match Foundation is the first from Max Factor to contain a new silicone ingredient that behaves more like a moisturizer and enables high performance blandability with medium coverage.


Some shade matching formulas only offer light coverage, enabling an easier colourmatch but often leaving women dissatisfied with their beauty look. 

A delve into the habits and opinions of women in the recent Max Factor Glamour Expose uncovered that 50% of women are still searching for a shade-matching foundation that covers imperfections – but one in three also highlighted that they are absolutely not looking for “barely there” coverage.

Miracle Match Foundation cleverly balances medium coverage with a translucent finish for an end look that gives a beautifully blurred effect and nourishes with hydration at the same time. Added to the formula are light reflecting particles to reduce and soften the appearance of skin imperfections.


A beautiful healthy looking nude, with a blurred finish for skin perfection. The effect is “enhanced skin-tone” – the ultimate healthy nude base for skin perfection.

Ultimate nude make-up can be as powerful and glamorous as smoky eyes and red lipstick when done properly, but many make-up artists recognise that this is the most challenging makeup look to create. Women desire the security of coverage but with the appearance of naturally healthy looking skin.

The ethnically diverse shade palette for Miracle Match Foundation has been devised by Brendan Aveline, an expert “shader” who working with both warm and cool tones has created a global colour palette, specifically chosen to create intricate sub-palettes according to the needs of each region. 

There are 6 available shades in total that cover a global skin-tone spectrum, with the multiple variations of cool and warm providing maximum shade-matching varieties.

The Sciences :

1/ Translucent micas.

The formula is enhanced with translucent micas so while the application leaves a medium coverage, the skin is still able to reflect light which gives the illusion of naturally beautiful nude skin – with skin’s natural highlights shining through.

2/ Reduced powders.

Reduced powders combined with additional translucent micas give coverage without covering skins natural highlights - skin is not mattified, but nor is it left feeling dewy – it adapts with your skin for a finish that is uniquely yours.

3/ Light reflecting particles.

Additional light reflecting particles work to blur unevenness and imperfections for a blurred effect.

4/ Nourishment properties.

40% of the formula is made up of skin conditioning agents to nourish skin with hydration – including glycerin, vitamin E and vitamin B.


New Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation will be available from March 2016 in a total of 6 shades, included :
WARM ALMOND 45, NATURAL 50, BEIGE 55, GOLDEN 75, SOFT HONEY 77 & CAREMEL 85, At selling price Rp160,000 each.


  1. Oh so you are sometimes posting in english language ka ?
    ehe *just know*

    Ohya, i dont even know about this before, this is the first time i hear about max factor-x for sure. Thanks for the review dear beauty blogger <3

    1. Yes, sometimes :))

      Max factor itu available di konter2 makeup kok, kak :)


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