[Beauty Corner – 05] : How To Make Your Own Lip Balm (Self Tutorial)

Good morning, Universe. Alhamdulillah in this month I can write some tutorial for my Beauty Corner’s column on my blog. I write this by request from @ellyaanggrainii as my best friend who has the same problem wif me: lips dry. I believed that mostly ppl has a same problems on lips such condition remarkable, dry, chapped, and bleed itself suddenly. Well, actually that problem always appears in my whole life. I was thinking, perhaps I would like going to Korea to doing a plastic surgery for my lips, but I don’t have much money, LOL.

However, in many ways I've already trying to fix it via inside such a lot of drinking, and doing some treatment outside like using lip sunscreen, lip care, oil, also balm as well as try out various products ; Vaseline Petrolatum, still not helpful. Poor me. While I ended up, something whispered on my head and said that I should try to make my own style of lip balm. Then I asked my mom for accompany me to bought the materials. Finally, my first lip balm was success last night and I assumed, mine is safety. Probably I must give an achievement for myself ‘cause my own lip balms make my lips moist hold for eight hours!
So, for all of ya who has an experience such a similar case like I told, you should try my way to make our own lip balm. Here I give you my tutorial:

1. Jelly petrolatum (I used Vaseline Petrolatum. It’s available in every country and you can buy this one in Arabic’s mart. Kindly check my review about Petrolatum in here).
2. Olive Oil (You may using a pure olive oil in the kitchen, but for those who lives in Indonesia I preferred to use Wardah Olive Oil, check my review about this one, here).
3. Lip care SPF (IDK this SPF will help us or not, but I used Sebamed, slice it a little bit).
4. Hydro gloss (Still Wardah, but this one is tentative).
5. Lipstick/food coloring (For me, I used Maybelline Colorshow lipstick, and you can check my review about Maybelline Colorshow in here).
6. Oxy Water (To wash the tools before you start).

1. Small stove. If you have no one, better you use candles only. But make sure the candles were clean.
2. Mini stainless plate, or you can use a spoon but I didn’t recommended that one.
3. Spatula. I used spatula which I used for my soflense.
4. Tissue. Just in case you need this one, sure, you will need tissue in the end.
5. Jar, for a final touch.

How To:
1. Turn on the stove or candle; let it stand around two minutes.
2. Sliced hydro gloss, input into mini stainless plate. You may ignore this part if you do not want to be too moist. But for me, I must use it all.
3. Then put jelly petrolatum, also olive oil into the stainless plate with a ratio of 2:1. If petrolatum two spoons spatula, quite a drop of olive oil. Remember that.
4. Let the materials on stainless container melted by fire.
5. Input your slices lipstick or you can use a food coloring. This part only for add color. You may ignore this part if you do not want any color on your lip balm.
6. Stir for a while.
7. Let it entries in the jar that had been prepared before.

Done! What do you think, much easier, right? Last but not least, I’m not sure how long this lip balm will be, but I only save this one for a month as an expire date.

Thanks for reading! If you still confusing, I let you to asking on twitter @unidzalika or left comment at below, I will answers soon. Let’s try at home, dear!


  1. Coba pakein lip scrub zet... Bikinnya juga gampang kok, madu-gula pasir-olive oil-sama dikit perasan lemon buat rasa.. Makenya pagi sama malem.. Lumayan deh hasilnya ^^

    1. Iya mau dicoba tapi belum smpat terus beli madunya. :(

  2. aku malah jarang pake lipblam mbak :)

    1. Pakainya apa, mbak? Aku juga jarang tapi di beberapa kondisi, butuh.

  3. aku skrng pake lipbalmnya maybelline yang baby lips color itu. Lumayan kok buat lembabin bibir selama di ruan AC. Itu bahan dicampur2 gitu gapapa kah?

    oiya, pas malam waktu tidur, oles2 aja olive oil sampe bangun pagi..

    1. Kakaa maaf baru balas. Aku sekarang ngikut juga pakai maybelline yang pink lolita, LOL. Oh soal bahan dicampur, gpp kok.


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