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IMHO, I think everyone will comes and go. Someday they are come back to us, some are choosing not seem to know each other and decide to cut a memories. For me, anyone who has ever come into my life, they are the most precious and really special, regardless of the length or whether we communicate.

By the way, three years ago I met someone on the internet. At the first I was afraid because there's so many issues about criminals on internet. But we keep contact to each other by whatsapp and I felt like, Oh, she is the kind person and always treated me as her sister, my feelings said so. Later I know that she came from UK and settled in Brighouse, near Leeds, one of the beautiful city which she (always) sent several photos of landscapes there.

At that time she asked me to get there (As an Aupair) for a years and I can live in her house. I was so happy and she helped me to contact wif the UK embassy in Indonesia, etc. While my preparation almost 80% to go, Allah willed the other, and I was canceled departed, unfortunately.

I told my mom that I consider she is as my sister. She was a woman (who has the same age as my older sister) and she has four daughters who are very ((VERY)) pretty. We used to call them as 'The Girls' and many times I had to lil chit-chat with them. The children were, ah, I never forgot the euphoria when 'The Girls' birthday (in a different months, of course) even only by whatsapp. I've seen them grow up through the photos and stories that always she had to say. Her children is humble, lively, full of stories, and straight foward; as example when I am wrong grammar while chatting, they do not hesitate to reprimand. However, we always communicate up, except in 2014, unfortunately it lost communication. She was busy, the children do not have gadgets, and I was reluctant to say hello first.

I let them to lost contact with, because, uh... even though I consider them like my own family, as I said, everyone will come and go, anyhow. I always remember them, looking at some of the photos were first delivered, and communicate through by prayer, hope they are fine.

Moreover, Alhamdulillah. Beginning in this January she returned to contact me and gimme a good news, that 'The Girls' will have a younger brother soon, and the older from 'The Girls' wear a veil nowadays. Those news make me happy!! I hope to see them all, at some point, either in Indonesia or in the UK. Inshaa Allah, I will never stop to praying, and keep the friendship on them. They are my family and I love them just the way they are. Hey sis, stay healthy and I can't wait for the baby boy. Please send me a pict if he comes to the world already. ;)

Thanks Allah, You has brought us together by Your way. I love You, I love them, either my life.



1/ Sorry I can put any photos here. (Di luar negeri, foto anak-anak di bawah 18 tahun dilarang tampil di media sosial tanpa seizin orangtua)

2/ Sorry for my grammar and tenses mistakes. I kno it's awkward.


  1. pastinya kalo disurug pake english acakadul semua grammarku hehehe

  2. right, no one came and went and became a memory that will always be our brother recalls

  3. I have a same story with you, Un. berawal dari artikel yg aku publish di media kantor (bisa dibaca dari seluruh subsidiary di semua negara) ada seorang laki2 (Indo-Belanda) yg kontak aku, akhirnya beliau mengijinkan aku memanggil "bapak", hingga dalam hati aku berkata, "finally, I have a father from now on." internet memang punya kekuatan yg luar biasa.

    btw, 1/ Sorry I can put any photos here. => harusnya "cannot" :)

  4. Untung aja masih ada Google Translate :)

  5. Untung aja masih ada Google Translate :)

  6. Wah, sama dah. Aku kenalan di inet sama cewek Rusia dan Turki, saling berbagi tentang Islam karena yang Rusia itu muallaf...alhamdulillah sekarang dia pake hijab.

  7. Omg. Nice story, sist. Wish you will be meeting them. If you will go to UK, pliss invite me. Hahahaa~~~


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