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hi :) actually we already made several bros' (seems like pin but with the garnish from sparkling plastic pearl) and we'd like to share about our bros'. made by quality pin that cannot destroyed the textile, yeah the
pin was so sharp :) . also, there is so many sparkling pearl (manik-manik beklilauan) and if u make it u can fell so confident :) one of surplus u buy this pin in here, u may not see the same pin cause we only made limited edition! about the price, cause the pin so sharp, very unique, and limited edition... from Rp5.0000,- untill Rp25.000,- and no bargain. (we
think u can guess that the price not cheap LOL) but i hope u will see our colection first before u leave.
so what are u waiting for? come on visit the picture in my albums on facebook and ask us for more info :-)
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