inspired person

i have so many inspired person in my life. and one of them is still young, also studied in Pakuan University, faculty of science since 2009. he was a smart student and active in intern organization, and i choosed him to be one of my inspired person 'cause he gave me so much experienced and i can learned everything from his life. 

he never teach me like some teacher teach the student, but he just show me the way and i can learned how to be a patient person, how to thank to God, how to be pretend to everyone like everything doing well, how to keep closer with family and friends, how to be a dilligent student, i learned it all from his life. im very comfortable talked with him 'cause when i talked to him, he such gave me a new lights on, that every words he gave so motivated. he also ever said (in bahasa) that 

"melihat pohon yg tinggi dan warna daunnya yg segar, belum tentu menghasilkan buah yg manis. begitupun hidup, ga selamanya manis. tinggal gmn kita mengolah yg pahit menjadi enak rasanya."

and i never forgot that words who already open my mind that life never give what we want...

he isnt extraordinary person, he also has failures in the past that made him has a traumatic (i also dont know what is it) but he can controlled his self, learned from the past, and woke up from his problem. everyone loves him. his lectures, his friends, his family, also security at college knew and loves him too. he is loveable person, kind, smart, and has so many achivements in his life. i got so many experiences from his life and thats why he was become my inspired person, ah ya. his name is Rangga Vilothra. and this is his biography:

born: Pekanbaru, 01 August 1991

schools: 1997-2002 elementary of Babusaalam, Pekanbaru

2002-2003 (moved) elementary of SDN 1 Ciampea Bogor

2003-2006 junior high school in SMPN 1 Ciampea Bogor

2006-2009 senior high school in SMAN 1 Dramaga Bogor

2009-now: University of Pakuan, faculty of science.

achievements: 1st rank in 5th grade of elemnetary high school.

into the leader of manasik haji in 5th grade.

the winner of choral group of Sundanese songs.

got the high point of mathematics exam, and the teacher gave him the achieved.

champion of race prayer when he was elementary.

runner up olimpiyade of biology SMA in IPB dramaga (from 30 SMA who join this competition).
runner up playing basketball in senior high school.


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