Well, im come back after long time ago i couldnt touch this lovely diary. My lecture said that i have to update my ‘content’ here but i cant. I felt like im buzy evrytime in college and meeting in small intern organization in college all the time. Tired? Yah of course! Sometimes i seldom brunch, and also i went home everynight...
some of my friends told me that i such a bad girl because i always arrived at home at night because of meeting.
fyi, nowadays i 'controlled' my lovely intern organization in Faculty of Letter as we called with HIMSI and i happy with this condition.
rezqhi as a leader of BLM (which in bahasa Badan Leglislatif Mahasiswa) in Faculty of Letter told me that i and several of my friends must be a delegation of commitee of KPU (in bahasa Komisi Pemilihan Umum)...
sooo here my schedule, isnt buzy rite :)  ops, its time to Mr,Erol class, see you guys..


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