gelatik selam

In the end of this year, entertainment and advertising told us about one of the most popular things, and that is ‘gelatik selam’ which in bahasa means ‘gelar tikar selasa malam’ or hanging out together every Tuesday night.
It begins since an author, Mr.Isnaini chit chat on his blog and said to all of us that he have got money from his blog. Based on his true story in he shared to us about what he feels. Eventually, mostly people asked him and Mr.Isnaini teachs them. and then they made a community whom full of people earns money without work while training with an author and that’s community have a name, ‘gelatik selam’.
        Although, some of them are a blogger who always keep updating their blog, looking information then especially earn money and success. Gelatikselam is not only, a community but a family, a great group.
Mr.isnaini also said: “aku sering bilang, nyari duit di internet itu kayak mancing di laut. masih banyak yang bisa kita dapat dari situ. semua tergantung dari usaha kita, umpan apa yang kita pake, alat pancingnya, lokasi buat mancingnya di mana, dan siapa teman mancing kamu :)"
So, perhaps we can follow to find out something advantages for our life, as example looking for a money in internet although we don’t have any jobs, such as what gelatikselam doing nowadays.



  1. very good, but im looking for a place. where did they always hangin out with ?

  2. ya, bagus. Pak teguh bilang, tulis terus, maju terus, dan suatu saat sukses.

  3. ya, bagus. Pak teguh bilang, tulis terus, maju terus, dan suatu saat sukses.

  4. terimakasih pa teguh, berkat dukungan bapak pula saya jadi rajin nulis pakai bahasa inggris...


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